When a horseback rider is ready to hop on their horse, they normally walk up a mounting block and climb aboard. But, sometimes there isn't one around and they struggle to get on unless a friend is there to give them a leg up. And that's exactly what Leg Up Marketing + Communications is here to do - give small business owners a boost on their marketing and communications programs, setting them up for growth and success.

Growing up on Cape Cod, I learned the important role that small businesses played in the local economy. My friends, family, and I all worked in restaurants and retail stores year-round, and I quickly learned how much time and effort it takes to successfully run a business. 

I went on to study Business Administration, concentrating in marketing and entrepreneurship at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. After a few stints at different agencies and on in-house teams, I realized that no matter how effective a marketing and communications program is, it's useless if a small business owner doesn't have the capacity to run it. 

So, Leg Up Marketing + Communications was born to fill a void in the marketplace: Big agencies are for big companies, medium companies have in-house teams, but for small businesses, marketing is left to the owner, along with everything else.

We look forward to working with you to create an effective program that is closely aligned to your company's individual goals, helping you achieve success, no matter what that may look like. 

-Caitlin Drown, Founder